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Module WIW-RE-ENE-M-7

Energy Economics (M, 4.5 LP)

Module Identification

Module Number Module Name CP (Effort)
WIW-RE-ENE-M-7 Energy Economics 4.5 CP (135 h)


CP, Effort 4.5 CP = 135 h
Position of the semester 1 Sem. in SuSe
Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Language [EN] English
Module Manager
Area of study [WIW-RE] Resource and Energy Economics
Reference course of study [WIW-88.21-SG] M.Sc. Business Studies
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


Type/SWS Course Number Title Choice in
Presence-Time /
SL SL is
required for exa.
PL CP Sem.
Energy Economics
P 45 h 90 h
- PL1 4.5 WiSe
  • About [WIW-RE-ENE-K-7]: Title: "Energy Economics"; Presence-Time: 45 h; Self-Study: 90 h
  • About [WIW-RE-ENE-K-7]: The study achievement [PRAES] presentation must be obtained.

Examination achievement PL1

  • Form of examination: written exam (Klausur) (90 Min.)
  • Examination Frequency: Examination only within the course

Evaluation of grades

The grade of the module examination is also the module grade.


  • Energy Supply Chain, Energy Characteristics and Market Overview
  • Energy Fundamentals: Types of Power Plants for Energy Generation, Optimal Power Plant Park, Energy Markets, Merit Order and Renewable Energies
  • Econometrics: Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression and Instrumental Variable Approach
  • Externalities, Market Failure, Market Power in Electricity Markets and Environmental Policy Instruments
  • Energy Storages
  • Retail Electricity
  • Vertical Integration

Competencies / intended learning achievements

  • Understanding basic energy characteristics and the energy supply chain.
  • Determining the optimal power plant park using a “simple” theoretical model
  • Learning energy fundamentals, e.g. power plant types, energy markets, market power
  • Understanding the basic concept of econometrics, e.g. multiple linear Regression
  • Analysing the effect of renewable energies on electricity markets
  • Evaluating environmental policy instruments (effect on energy markets)
  • Using R (Software)


  • Textbook: Wooldridge, J.M. 2012 Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach. South-Western, Cengage Learning
  • Exercises & Solutions
  • Slides and other course materials

Requirements for attendance (informal)

  • Grundlegende Kenntnisse der Mikroökonomie
  • Grundlegende Statistik

Requirements for attendance (formal)


References to Module / Module Number [WIW-RE-ENE-M-7]

Course of Study Section Choice/Obligation
[SO-88A.646-SG] M.A. Integrative Social Science Schwerpunkt Wirtschaft, Organisation, Gesellschaft [WP] Compulsory Elective
[SO-88A.646-SG] M.A. Integrative Social Science Schwerpunkt Soziologie [WP] Compulsory Elective
[SO-88A.646-SG] M.A. Integrative Social Science Schwerpunkt Politik, Wirtschaft, Ethik None
Module-Pool Name
[WIW-EIE-MPOOL-7] Field of Specialization: Environmental and Industrial Economics
[WIW-RE-MPOOL-7] Field of Specialization: Environment, Resources, Energy: Economics and Policy