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Module INF-73-73-M-7

Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion (Seminar) (M, 4.0 LP)

Module Identification

Module Number Module Name CP (Effort)
INF-73-73-M-7 Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion (Seminar) 4.0 CP (120 h)


CP, Effort 4.0 CP = 120 h
Position of the semester 1 Sem. in SuSe
Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Language [EN] English
Module Manager
Area of study [INF-KI] Intelligent Systems
Reference course of study [INF-88.79-SG] M.Sc. Computer Science
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


Type/SWS Course Number Title Choice in
Presence-Time /
SL SL is
required for exa.
PL CP Sem.
2S INF-73-73-K-7
Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion (Seminar)
P 28 h 92 h
- no 4.0 SuSe
  • About [INF-73-73-K-7]: Title: "Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion (Seminar)"; Presence-Time: 28 h; Self-Study: 92 h
  • About [INF-73-73-K-7]: The study achievement "[AUSARB_P] written elaboration and presentation" must be obtained.

Evaluation of grades

The module is not graded (only study achievements)..


Selected topics related to the simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion and its applications (e.g., rehabilitation, sport, ergonomy). Topics may come from the areas of, e.g., computer graphics, physics, biomechanics, computer vision, sensor fusion, optimal control and machine learning. Examples are:
  • physics-based simulation of soft tissue (skin, muscles, cloths) and natural human motion
  • extraction of anthropometric parameters from 3D person scans
  • sensor-body calibration for wearable sensors (e.g. inertial measurement units)
  • inertial motion capture
  • modelling, learning and recognition of human motion patterns

Competencies / intended learning achievements

Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to
  • independently compile relevant technical literature on the chosen topic,
  • familiarize themselves thoroughly with a technically and scientifically challenging topic
  • comment on a scientific work in a well-founded and critical manner,
  • place the chosen topic in its scientific context and to differentiate it appropriately
  • present the results in a formally correct, structured and focused way in a written paper,
  • follow and critically question a scientific presentation
  • independently write a scientifically sound written paper on the chosen topic,
  • design and conduct a specialized lecture on the chosen topic in a didactically appealing manner,
  • assess one's own scope for action and decision-making and the associated responsibility and, if necessary, to obtain specific information, define priorities, derive tasks, develop solutions and monitor progress
  • present and discuss a scientific question in English.

Requirements for attendance of the module (informal)


Requirements for attendance of the module (formal)


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Course of Study Section Choice/Obligation
[INF-88.79-SG] M.Sc. Computer Science [Specialisation] Specialization 1 [WP] Compulsory Elective