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Module GS-CVT-SoSc-E6-M-6

Einführung in die Sozialstrukturanalyse (M, 5.0 LP)

Module Identification

Module Number Module Name CP (Effort)
GS-CVT-SoSc-E6-M-6 Einführung in die Sozialstrukturanalyse 5.0 CP (150 h)


CP, Effort 5.0 CP = 150 h
Position of the semester 1 Sem. in SuSe
Level [6] Master (General)
Language [DE] German
Module Manager
Area of study [SO-SOZ] Sociology
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


Type/SWS Course Number Title Choice in
Presence-Time /
SL SL is
required for exa.
PL CP Sem.
2V SO-09-11-1000-K-1
Introduction to social structure analysis
P 28 h 122 h - - PL1 5.0 SuSe
  • About [SO-09-11-1000-K-1]: Title: "Introduction to social structure analysis"; Presence-Time: 28 h; Self-Study: 122 h

Examination achievement PL1

  • Form of examination: written or oral examination
  • Examination number: 39028 ("Einführung in die Sozialstrukturanalyse (CVT)")

Evaluation of grades

The grade of the module examination is also the module grade.


Theories, concepts and empirical results of social structure analysis:
  • Population structure and dynamics.
  • Lifestyles and family
  • Education system and educational opportunities
  • Employment
  • Social inequality and social mobility
  • earned income and poverty
  • Social capital and social networks
  • Social comparison
  • Social change

Competencies / intended learning achievements

Students know social structures of societies, especially the social structure of Germany.
  • recognize and evaluate the methodological problems and prerequisites of social structure analysis
  • use the central theoretical perspectives, concepts and explanations on the social structure of societies to describe social phenomena systematically
  • research the most important official data sources and current social science studies used to describe Germany's social structure


Klein, T. (2016). Sozialstrukturanalyse: Eine Einführung. UTB, 2. Auflage.

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Requirements for attendance of the module (formal)


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[GS-CVT-SoSc-E-MPOOL-6] Catalog Electives Social Sciences