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Module BIO-WM-M-6

Courses of Choice (incl. Soft Skills) (M, 15.0 LP)

Module Identification

Module Number Module Name CP (Effort)
BIO-WM-M-6 Courses of Choice (incl. Soft Skills) 15.0 CP (450 h)


CP, Effort 15.0 CP = 450 h
Position of the semester 3 Sem. from WiSe/SuSe
Level [6] Master (General)
Language [DE/EN] German or English as required
Module Manager
Reference course of study [BIO-88.Z10-SG] M.Sc. Biology
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


The module ‘Courses of Choice’ comprises courses that are not necessarily thematically connected to each other, and can be offered by the Faculty of Biology or other Faculties either at our or at other Universities or institutions. These include theoretical topics and methods in biology and non-biological fields of expertise, excursions as well as interdisciplinary courses, including those that convey general professional competences (soft skills) and language courses. For foreign students, German courses above A2 level, and for all students, English courses above B2 level can be credited.

Additional ‘Lecture and Reading Courses’ belonging to the portfolio of TM1-4 can also be credited as ‘Courses of Choice’ (see current assortment of TM1-4 [BIO-LR_all-KPOOL-5]).

Of the 15 CP, 3-6 CP have to be achieved by courses in which soft skills are conveyed (including all seminars in which students give oral presentations); a maximum of 8 CP can be achieved by practical courses.


Type/SWS Course Number Title Choice in
Choice in
Presence-Time /
SL SL is
required for exa.
PL CP Sem.
Courses of Choice
P WP-CP 450 h - - see comments 15.0 *
  • About [BIO-CC-KPOOL-6]: Title: "Courses of Choice"; Self-Study: 450 h
  • About[BIO-CC-KPOOL-6]: Aus dem Kurspool sind Kurse im Umfang von 15.0 LP zu wählen.
  • About [BIO-CC-KPOOL-6]:
    Dependent on the courses chosen: i) Passed examination(s) if applicable incl. or consisting of partial achievements (e.g. discussion contributions, oral presentation, oral or written examinations) and if applicable ii) additional non-graded course achievements e.g. regular and active attendance, initial tests)

Evaluation of grades

The module is not graded.


− Topics (and/or methods) of the different departments involved in the Master Programm ‚Biology‘ and of other faculties.

− For a more detailed content of all recommended WM courses please see ‚Notice‘

Competencies / intended learning achievements

Professional competence:

− Depending on the courses chosen, the students acquire a deepened and widened practical and theoretical knowledge in various biological and non-biological fields of science and expertise. They enhance their capabilities for scientific discussions and presentations, and improve their methodological and laboratory skills.

Methodological competence: ---

Social competence: ---


− Students acquire inter- and multidisciplinary knowledge and competences, including general competences (soft skills) that are required for professional work.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

On successfully completing the module, students will be able to…

− use their increased theoretical and practical skills for various research projects.

− discuss interdisciplinary scientific fields.

− show increased soft skills during their studies and their professional work.


Depending on the courses chosen


Depending on the courses chosen

Requirements for attendance of the module (informal)

Bachelor-grade knowledge in biology and related fields

Requirements for attendance of the module (formal)

Admission to the Master Program ‘Biology’

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Course of Study Section Choice/Obligation
[BIO-88.Z10-SG] M.Sc. Biology [Free Elective Area] Elective module [W] Elective Module