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Module-Pool WIW-BWLtQ-VT-MPOOL-7

Field of study: Process Engineering


Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


Modules of 22 CP are to be selected from the competence field modules of the Bachelor's degree course in Energy and Process Engineering. If modules from the field of basics are required as prerequisites for the competence field modules, they can also be selected. In addition, with the approval of the departmental student advisor of the Department of MV, modules can be selected from the compulsory modules and/or the elective modules of the following two Master's programmes "Bioprocess Engineering" and "Energy and Process Engineering" (and the prerequisite Bachelor's modules, see Departmental MV module handbook).

Modules in the Pool

Number Name Semester orientation CP
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References to Module Pool [WIW-BWLtQ-VT-MPOOL-7]

Course of Study Section Choice/Obligation
[WIW-88.789-SG] M.Sc. Business Studies with Technical Qualifications Master Business Studies with Technical Qualification: technical Field of Specialization None
[WIW-88.?-SG#2021] M.Sc. Business Studies with Technical Qualifications 2021 [2021] Technical Field of Specialization [WP] Compulsory Elective