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Course MAT-81-SEM-K-7

Seminar (PDE) (2S, 3.0 LP)

Course Type

SWS Type Course Form CP (Effort) Presence-Time / Self-Study
2 S Seminar 3.0 CP 28 h 62 h
(2S) 3.0 CP 28 h 62 h


CP, Effort 3.0 CP = 90 h
Position of the semester 1 Sem. in WiSe/SuSe
Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Language [DE/EN] German or English as required
Area of study [MAT-TEMA] Industrial Mathematics
Additional informations
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


The seminars offered in the following semester are typically presented within the framework of the information events for the Master's studies of the research groups (Schwerpunkte) of the Department of Mathematics. These usually take place in one of the last two lecture weeks of the preceding semester.

Possible Study achievement

  • Verification of study performance: proof of successful participation in the seminar
  • Examination number (Study achievement): 87190 ("Seminar (PDE)")
    Further examination number: 87191 (if the course is selected twice)
  • Details of the examination (type, duration, criteria) will be announced at the beginning of the course.
    The required achievement usually consists of a combination of an oral presentation (duration 60 - 90 minutes) and a written elaboration.


Advanced topic on Master's level in the field of Partial Differential Equations.


will be announced together with the announcement of the seminar.


The registration for the seminar and preliminary discussions typically take place towards the end of the lecture period of the preceding semester.

Requirements for attendance (informal)

Depending on the choice of topic, further courses from the Bachelor's programme or the Master's programme in Mathematics may be required. The requirements will be announced together with the announcement of the seminar.



Requirements for attendance (formal)


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Course-Pool Name
[MAT-SEM-KPOOL-7] Seminars Mathematics (Master)