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Course EIT-JEM-517-K-7

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (2V, 3.0 LP)

Course Type

SWS Type Course Form CP (Effort) Presence-Time / Self-Study
2 V Lecture 3.0 CP 28 h 62 h
(2V) 3.0 CP 28 h 62 h


CP, Effort 3.0 CP = 90 h
Position of the semester 1 Sem. in SuSe
Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Language [EN] English
Area of study [EIT-JEM] Electro Mobility
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active


  • Fundamentals of electric and hybrid vehicles (definitions, architectures, driving cycles, modeling, simulation, optimization)
  • Longitudinal dynamics (equation of motion, vehicles resistances, vehicle performance, braking systems)
  • Transmission systems (classification, manual gearboxes, friction clutches, automatic transmissions, torque converters, continuously variable transmissions, efficiencies)
  • Propulsion systems (classification internal combustion engines, electric motors, power electronics)
  • Storage systems (classification, batteries, supercapacitors, flywheels)
  • Energy management systems (classification, examples)
  • Illustration of the contents using simulations with MATLAB/Simulink und real vehicle data


  • L. Guzzella, A. Sciarretta: Vehicle Propulsion Systems, Springer, 3rd ed., 2013 (EIT 470/162)
  • M. Ehsani, Y. Gao, A. Emadi: Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles, CRC Press, 2nd ed., 2010 (EIT 472/063)
  • P. Hofmann: Hybridfahrzeuge, Springer, 2010 (MAS 845/274)
  • K. Reif, K. E. Noreikat, K. Borgeest, Hrsg.: Kraftfahrzeug-Hybridantriebe, Springer Vieweg, 2012 (MAS 845/310)


Slides (PDF for download), board (own notes), MATLAB/Simulink (examples for download)

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Requirements for attendance (formal)


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[EIT-JEM-517-M-7] Electric and Hybrid Vehicles P: Obligatory 2V, 3.0 LP