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Notes on the module handbook of the department Bio­logy

The below displayed informations on the courses of study, modules and courses of the department of Biology are still under construction. Till this process will be finished please use our module handbooks on

Course-Pool BIO-WPLA-KPOOL-7

Wahlpflicht-Praktikum Lehramt G ([10.0] CP)


CP [10.0] CP
Level [7] Master (Advanced)
Livecycle-State [NORM] Active

Courses in the Pool

Number Name Type/SWS Semester orientation CP
Area of study Ecology
Molecular Ecology with field work on the island Sylt
(14K) SuSe 10.0 CP
Limnologie und Mikrobielle Ökologie
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Microbiology
Advanced Practical Microbiology I
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Molecular Genetics
Molecular Genetics 1
(14K) SuSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Phytopathology
Advanced Practical Plant Pathology 1
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Plant Physiology
Advanced Practical Plant Physiology 1
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Animal Physiology
Neurobiology of Vertebrates I
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP
Area of study Cell Biology
Molecular Cell Biology I
(14K) WiSe 10.0 CP

References to Course Pool [BIO-WPLA-KPOOL-7]

Module Name Context CP
[BIO-M12-M-7] Modul 12: Wahlpflicht-Praktikum WP: Obligation to choose in Obligatory-Modulteil 9.0