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Course of Study "Business Administration and Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering" (M.Sc.)

Department [WIW] Wirt­schafts­wissen­schaften
Degree [M.Sc.] Master (M.Sc.)
Course of Study Business Administration and Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering
State [NORM] Active
Short Name, Number M.Sc. Business Administration and Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering
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Section Business Administration and Engineering: Compulsory

P WIW-KM-FGV-M-6-M-6 Leadership as a Global Responsibility
3.0 LP

Section Business Administration and Engineering: Fields of Specialization

Two main subjects are to be chosen.

At least 13 CPs must be acquired in each main subject, four of which must be completed in the form of a seminar associated with the respective main subject.

WP WIW-WIN-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Business Information Systems & OR
[4.0 - 6.0] LP
WP WIW-CON-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Management Accounting
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-ET-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Economic Theory
[4.0 - 4.5] LP
WP WIW-EPS-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Entrepreneurship
[3.0 - 6.0] LP
WP WIW-FE-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Financial Economics
[4.0 - 6.0] LP
WP WIW-FUB-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Finance and Banking Management
[4.0 - 4.5] LP
WP WIW-HRMOB-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-IWR-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Intellectual Property and Business Law
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-IOE-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Industrial Economics
[4.0 - 4.5] LP
WP WIW-LOG-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Logistics
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-MKT-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Marketing
[3.0 - 6.0] LP
WP WIW-MDT-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Managing the Digital Transformation
[4.0 - 4.5] LP
WP WIW-POM-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Produktionsmanagement
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-RE-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Environment, Resources, Energy: Economics and Policy
[4.0 - 4.5] LP
WP WIW-SWP-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Taxation and Auditing
[4.0 - 6.0] LP
WP WIW-SIC-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation
[4.0 - 9.0] LP
WP WIW-SMG-MPOOL-7 Field of Specialization: Sustainability Management
[4.0 - 9.0] LP

Section Business Administration and Enginische Schwerpunkteeering: Engineering Field of Specialization

Modules amounting to 30 CP are to be selected from the competence field modules of the bachelor's programme in mechanical engineering as well as from the compulsory and/or optional compulsory modules from a maximum of two of the following six master's programmes (and the presupposing bachelor's modules, see module manual of the MVT department). At least 8 CP of these must be taken from the compulsory and/or elective compulsory modules of the selected Master's programmes.
  • Product development in mechanical engineering
  • Computational Engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Materials science and materials engineering
  • Production engineering
  • mechanical engineering with applied computer science
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Compulsory Modules

Section Scholarly Work

P WIW-FPJ-M-6 Research Project
9.0 LP
P WIW-MASAR-M-6 Master Thesis
15.0 LP
Internship / Occupational Modules

Section Economic Internship

P WIW-WPRAKT-M-6 Economic Internship
7.0 LP