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Course of Study "Mathematics" (M.Ed. LaG)


Department [MAT] Mathematik
Degree [M.Ed. LaG] Master Lehramt an Gymnasien (M.Ed.)
Course of Study Mathematics
Short Name, Number M.Ed. LaG Mathematics
State [NORM] Active
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Section (non-specific)

Section Compulsory Modules

P MAT-12-20L-M-3
Topic Module A: Mathematics in the Interplay between Abstraction and Concretisation
in WiSe/SuSe DE 9.0 CP
P MAT-14-10L-M-3
Topic Module B: Mathematics as an Interdisciplinary Cross-Sectional Science
in WiSe/SuSe DE 9.0 CP
P MAT-30-10L-M-5
Specialisation Module (Teachers Training Programme Mathematics)
2 Sem. from WiSe/SuSe EN 9.0 CP
P MAT-22-00-M-5
Development of Mathematics in Longitudinal and Cross Sections (Gym, BBS)
in SuSe DE 9.0 CP
P MAT-20-20L-M-5
Teaching Methodology in Mathematics (Master Gym, RS)
2 Sem. from WiSe/SuSe DE 6.0 CP
Section (non-specific)

Section Compulsory Elective Modules

The Master's thesis module must be completed in one of the two A/B subjects selected. It may not be completed in the same subject as the Bachelor thesis.