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Course of Study "Business Mathematics" (B.Sc.)

Department [MAT] Mathematik
Degree [B.Sc.] Bachelor (B.Sc.)
Course of Study Business Mathematics
State [NORM] Active
Short Name, Number B.Sc. Business Mathematics
Additional informations


Section Fundamentals of Mathematics

P MAT-10-1-M-2 Fundamentals of Mathematics
28.0 LP
Core Modules (non specialised)

Section General Mathematics

In this section, three compulsory modules (with a total of 18 CP) as well as an "Elective compulsory module Mathematics" (9 - 10 CP) must be completed.

For the "Elective compulsory module Mathematics", one of the modules on Pure or Applied Mathematics from the Bachelor's programme in Mathematics must be selected.

With the approval of the examination board, other modules from the field of mathematics (with a total of 9 - 10 CP) may also be admissible for the "Elective compulsory module Mathematics".

P MAT-12-2-M-3 Measure Theory and Differential Equations
9.0 LP
P MAT-14-11-M-3 Introduction to Numerical Methods
9.0 LP
WP MAT-12-10A-M-2 Pure Mathematics A
10.0 LP
WP MAT-12-10B-M-3 Pure Mathematics B
9.0 LP
WP MAT-14-10A-M-3 Applied Mathematics A
9.0 LP
Core Modules (non specialised)

Section Business Mathematics

P MAT-14-13-M-3 Linear and Network Programming
9.0 LP
P MAT-14-14-M-3 Stochastic Methods
9.0 LP
P MAT-60-15-M-4 Foundations in Financial Mathematics
3.0 LP
Core Modules (non specialised)

Section Computer Science and Computational Methods

P INF-02-01-M-2 Foundations of Programming
10.0 LP
P MAT-14-02-M-3 Modelling in Business Mathematics
16.0 LP
P MAT-INF-10-M-3 Computer Science for Mathematicians
8.0 LP
Core Modules (non specialised)

Section Economics and Business Sciences

In this section, three compulsory modules (with a total of 15 CP) as well as the following compulsory elective modules must be completed:
  • Core module Business Economics (6 CP): Selection of one of the modules [WIW-BWL-INV-M], [WIW-BWL-MAR-M] or [WIW-BWL-PRO-M-1];
  • Elective module Economic Sciences (6 - 8 CP): Selection of an additional module (or two additional modules) from the list below.

With the approval of the examination board, also other modules in the field of economics and business sciences (with a total of 6 - 8 CP) are admissible for the elective module.

P WIW-BWL-BWG-M-1 Business and Management Basics
5.0 LP
P WIW-VW-MIK-M-1 Basics of Economics and Microeconomics
6.0 LP
P WIW-BWL-KER4-M-1 Cost Accounting
4.0 LP
WP WIW-BW-INV-M-1 Investment and Financing
6.0 LP
WP WIW-BW-MAR-M-1 Marketingmanagament
6.0 LP
WP WIW-BWL-PRO-M-1 Production Management
6.0 LP
WP WIW-BW-GLF-M-1 Basics in Leadership
6.0 LP
WP WIW-VW-MAK-M-1 Intermediate Macroeconomics
6.0 LP
WP WIW-BWL-LOG1-M-1 Logistics I
3.0 LP
WP WIW-BWL-LOG2-M-2 Logistics II
3.0 LP
WP WIW-BWL-SWP-M-1 Tax and business auditing
6.0 LP
WP WIW-BW-STM-M-1 Strategic Management
6.0 LP

Section Specialization Business Mathematics

P MAT-30-10WA-M-4 Specialisation Business Mathematics A
9.0 LP
P MAT-30-10WB-M-4 Specialisation Business Mathematics B
9.0 LP
P MAT-25-10W-M-4 Practical Training Business Mathematics
9.0 LP
Free Elective Area

Section Free Elective Area

Choice of one or more modules from TUK's offer with a total of 6 - 10 CP. In particular, the following choices are possible:
  • further mathematics modules (from the Bachelor's programme in mathematics),
  • further computer science modules,
  • further economic science modules,
  • soft skills modules.
Keine Module eingebunden

Section Bachelor Thesis

P MAT-BA-M-4 Bachelor Thesis (B.Sc. Mathematics/Business Mathematics)
10.0 LP