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Course of Study "Computer Science" (B.Ed. LaGR)


Department [INF] Informatik
Degree [B.Ed. LaGR] Bachelor Lehramt (B.Ed.)
Course of Study Computer Science
State [NORM] Active
Short Name, Number B.Ed. LaGR Computer Science
Additional informations

Compulsory Modules

Section Study entry modules

The modules of this section should be chosen at the beginning of the studies. All other modules are based on it.
P INF-82-51-M-2
Formal Foundations of Computer Science
2 Sem. from WiSe/SuSe DE 14.0 CP
P INF-82-53-M-2
Foundations of Programming
in WiSe DE 10.0 CP
Compulsory Modules

Section Further modules

The modules of this section can be studied independently in any order.
P INF-82-52-M-2
Foundations of Didactics of Computer Science
in WiSe DE 4.0 CP
P INF-82-54-M-2
Algorithms and Data Structures
in SuSe DE 8.0 CP
P INF-82-55-M-2
Programming Lab
in SuSe DE 4.0 CP
P INF-82-56-M-2
Information Systems
in SuSe DE 8.0 CP
P INF-82-57-M-2
Computer Science and Society
in WiSe DE 3.0 CP
P INF-82-58-M-2
Foundations of Technical Computer Science
in SuSe DE 8.0 CP
P INF-82-59-M-2
Foundations of Theoretical Computer Science
in SuSe DE 6.0 CP
WP INF-82-49-M-4
Bachelor's Thesis (teaching degree)
in WiSe/SuSe DE/EN 10.0 CP