Module Handbook

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Notes on the module handbook of the department Graduate School

The program, module and course data of the Graduate School CVT presented here are still in progress and are not officially valid. The official module handbook and curriculum can be found at

Course of Study "Commercial Vehicle Technology" (M.Sc.)

Department [GS] Graduate School
Degree [M.Sc.] Master (M.Sc.)
Course of Study Commercial Vehicle Technology
State [NORM] Active
Short Name, Number M.Sc. Commercial Vehicle Technology
Additional informations


Section Supplementary Modules

P GS-CVT-SM-P1-M-5 German Language Course (DSI certificate)
Compulsory Modules

Section Mandatory modules

Mechanical Engineering
P MV-IMAD-161-M-7 Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology
4.0 LP
P MV-IMAD-164-M-7 Vehicle vibrations
3.0 LP
P MV-MEGT-160-M-7 Drives and Gears
3.0 LP
P MV-ME-M3-M-7 Manufacturing Engineering of Commercial Vehicles
2.0 LP
P MV-FBK-33-M-4 Automotive Production
4.0 LP
Computer Science
P INF-30-02-M-5 Foundations of Software Engineering
4.0 LP
P INF-33-31-M-5 Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems
4.0 LP
P INF-64-52-M-5 Automotive Software and Systems Engineering
4.0 LP
P GS-CVT-CS-M4-M-5 CVT Programming Project
4.0 LP
Electrical and Computer Engineering
P EIT-RTS-552-M-5 Principles of Electrical and Computer Engineering in CVT
5.0 LP
Graduate School CVT
P GS-CVT-M1-M-6 CVT - Scientific Writing and Publishing
8.0 LP
Compulsory Elective Modules

Section Elective modules

From the catalogs of electives for CVT of the participating departments, subjects must be selected in the following amount:
  • Mechanical Engineering 8 CPs
  • Computer science 8 CPs
  • Electrical and information technology 9 CPs
  • Social Sciences 10 CPs

The selected subjects must be approved in advance by the Graduate School CVT. For further information please consider the OLAT course of the Graduate School CVT.

Mechanical Engineering
WP GS-CVT-ME-E-MPOOL-6 Catalog Electives Mechanical Engineering
Selection from the catalog in the amount of 8 CPs.
[3.0 - 5.0] LP
Computer Science
WP GS-CVT-CS-E-MPOOL-6 Catalog Electives Computer Science
Selection from the catalog in the amount of 8 CPs.
[4.0 - 8.0] LP
Electrical and Computer Engineering
WP GS-CVT-EE-E-MPOOL-6 Catalog Electives Electrical and Computer Engineering
Selection from the catalog in the amount of 9 CPs.
[3.0 - 5.0] LP
Social Sciences
WP GS-CVT-SoSc-E-MPOOL-6 Catalog Electives Social Sciences
Selection from the catalog in the amount of 10 CPs.
[3.0 - 8.0] LP
Internship / Occupational Modules

Section Project Internship

P GS-CVT-L1-M-6 Project Internship
10.0 LP

Section Master Thesis

P GS-CVT-L2-M-7 Master Thesis
30.0 LP