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Course of Study "Media and Communication Technology" (M.Sc.)


Department [EIT] Elektro­technik und Infor­mations­technik
Degree [M.Sc.] Master (M.Sc.)
Course of Study Media and Communication Technology
Version 2018
Short Name, Number M.Sc. Media and Communication Technology
Course of Study Section [EIT-Archiv] Former Courses of Studies and Versions
State [AUSL] Phase-out period
Additional informations

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For new enrollments, the current version applies!

Core Modules (non specialised)

Section Theory of Media and Communication Technology

P EIT-NAT-313-M-7
High Efficiency Broadcast
in SuSe DE 3.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-535-M-7
Introduction to Information and Coding Theory
in WiSe DE 3.0 CP
P EIT-FUN-405-M-4
Wireless and Multimedia Systems
in WiSe EN 3.0 CP
P EIT-DSV-529-M-7
Audio Signal Processing II
in WiSe DE 3.0 CP
P EIT-RTS-540-M-4
Real-Time Systems I
in SuSe EN 4.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-302-M-4
Communications Theory
in WiSe DE 5.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-303-M-4
Digital Signal Transmission
in SuSe DE 4.0 CP

Section Advanced Subjects

P EIT-NAT-925-M-7
Advanced Laboratory Media and Communication Technology
in WiSe DE 5.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-934-M-7
Seminar Medientechnische Anwendungen
in SuSe DE 3.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-308-M-7
Seminar Video Signal Processing II
in WiSe DE 3.0 CP
P EIT-NAT-933-M-7
Project Seminar MKT
in WiSe DE 5.0 CP

Section Thesis

P EIT-DEK-006-M-7
Master's Thesis MKT
in WiSe/SuSe DE/EN 30.0 CP
Free Elective Area

Section Technical Elective Subjects

In total 19 CPs offered by the EIT department or - with the consent of the model advisor - offered by other departments.
W EIT-HST-252-M-4
Electromagnetic Compatibility
in WiSe DE 4.0 CP
W EIT-EOT-602-M-4
Theoretical Electrical Engineering II
in SuSe DE 5.0 CP
W EIT-EOT-603-M-6
Theoretical Electrical Engineering III
in WiSe DE 5.0 CP
W EIT-EMS-546-M-4
Embedded Processor Lab
in WiSe/SuSe EN 3.0 CP
W EIT-EIS-571-M-4
Architecture of Digital Systems I
in WiSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-EIS-573-M-4
Architecture of Digital Systems II
in WiSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-RTS-541-M-7
Real-Time Systems II
in WiSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-DSV-534-M-7
Digital Signal Processing: Algorithms and their Implementation
in SuSe DE 3.0 CP
W EIT-FUN-413-M-7
Information Security Assessment and Operations
in SuSe EN 8.0 CP
W EIT-EMS-653-M-6
Enterprise Data Science
in SuSe EN 3.0 CP
W EIT-MEA-190-M-6
Analog and Power Electronics in Medicine and Biomedical Research
in WiSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-DSV-526-M-7
Digital Signal Processor Laboratory
in SuSe DE/EN 3.0 CP
W EIT-EIS-561-M-7
Embedded Systems Project
in WiSe/SuSe DE/EN 15.0 CP
W EIT-NAT-310-M-7
Hochratige Datenübertragung
in SuSe DE 3.0 CP
W EIT-MMT-611-M-7
Laser Technology
in SuSe DE 5.0 CP
W EIT-ISE-110-M-7
in WiSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-EMS-742-M-7
Implementation of Integrated Circuits
in WiSe/SuSe EN 2.0 CP
W EIT-DEK-433-M-7
Theory and Application of Digital Image Processing
in SuSe DE 4.0 CP
W EIT-FUN-401-M-4
Radio Frequency Technology
in WiSe DE 4.0 CP
W EIT-EMS-732-M-7
FPGA-Based Hardware Accelerators and Hybrid Systems
in SuSe EN 4.0 CP
W EIT-RTS-446-M-7
Real-Time Systems Laboratory I
in SuSe EN 3.0 CP
W EIT-RTS-447-M-7
Real-Time Systems Laboratory II
in WiSe EN 3.0 CP