Module Handbook

Central Module Handbook of the TUK

Here you find the central joined Module Handbook all departments of the TUK.


Version WiSe 2021, editorial version: 2021-09-20.

The MHB parts of the departments A, BI, BIO, CHE, EIT, INF, MAT, PHY, RU, WIW and (partially) MV, as well as the courses of study CVT (GS) are now formally valid.

Completeness and formal authority

This site is the central joined module handbook of the TUK.

The completion of some parts of the module handbook as well as the formal approval will take place progressively in the individual departments.

As a result, some parts have not yet been entirely modelled or have not yet been formally approved. These parts are clearly marked.

During the summer semester 2021 these gaps will be gradually closed.

The Module Handbook Project

The tailored development of the module handbook software at the Service-Center Informatik of the TUK and the integration of the approx. 2000 modules and approx. 2400 courses by the module handbook redactions of the 12 departments has taken place in the past 18 months as an e-services project and will continue in the coming months.

We would like to thank all project members for their great commitment!
(More about the project structure can be found here.)